The New WreckCheck App Helps Consumers File an Accident Report and Avoid Identity Theft

A free new mobile app released by NAIC lets people protect their property and their identities after experiencing a traffic accident. Research shows that very few people know what steps to take after an accident. In addition to this, the majority of the population does not know what information to share and what information to avoid sharing following a collision. By giving too much personal information to another party, people may put their identities at risk.

As a rule, individuals should only share their names, the names of their insurance providers and their insurance providers’ phone numbers. Any additional information shared can put a person at risk. Research found some of the most common mistakes people make. The most common misconceptions and their resulting risks include the following:

– About 25 percent of people were willing to share their personal addresses. However, this gives identity thieves an exact location to go through mail and garbage containing personal information.

– Almost 40 percent of consumers felt they must share the data on their driving licenses. In addition to this, one of every six people interviewed were willing to let other parties photograph their license information. Since many merchants accept driving license data as identification verification, sharing this data is very risky.

– About 20 percent of respondents thought local law enforcement officials should only be contacted if there are injuries. Filing a police report can help expedite the claims process, so it is a wise idea to file a report for any auto accident.

– Approximately 30 percent of the drivers surveyed said they felt they should share their phone numbers with the other party involved. However, this is not necessary. The other party could easily become a nuisance if he or she is prone to making frequent calls about petty details.

With a step-by-step guide, the WreckCheck app outlines what to do immediately after an accident. These steps also help app users create their own accident report. In addition to the report steps, there are helpful tips for keeping calm. There are tips for capturing the types of photos insurers prefer, and tips for filing insurance claims are offered. When the report is finished, there is a feature available to email the document to an agent. This free app is available for both Android and iPhone users. For more information about this app and accidents, discuss concerns with an agent.

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